Periodic Rhythm

Lotka-Volterra Model: Predator-Prey Dynamics

30 kb

Move the mouse on stage to disturb the system; do not move the mouse to restore original rhythm.

Interaction: Mouse over white squares eliminates preys, Mouse over red squares eliminates predators

The predator and prey populations grow exponentially. The predator (red squares moving vertical) needs to eat prey (moving horizotal) in order to grow. So the population growth rate of the predator depends upon the prey density. When all prey individuals have been removed, the predator individuals starve and their population decreases. The prey population grows back faster than the predator.
The system stays dynamic without any outer influence. After the system has been disturbed, by user interaction for example, it will allways fall back to its original rhythm.

Technical details: Shockwave 8.5, lingo sprite animation, sound lingo